About Us

360Player is an innovative growth company within football, revolutionizing the way coaches and players develop all over the world. Founded in Stockholm in 2014 by Mats Kraitsik, Alexander Kraitsik, and Per Mattsson, 360Player offers tools for communication, player development, team administration, statistics, and analytics- all in one easy to use platform. Teams at every level from grassroots to professional have already benefited from using 360Player, which is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Our Mission

At 360Player we believe that every player should be given the chance to reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve always kept individual players in mind while we’ve built our all-in-one platform for teams and clubs. From giving players the ability to tag themselves in our video analytics tool, taking physical maturity into account for optimal development in youth teams, to calculating perceived exertion for injury prevention. Our platform is truly meant to make a big impact on the individual level. 

We pride ourselves on developing state of the art tools that are based on facts and scientific research to empower players and coaches to be their best. Coaches today have so many tasks both on and off the field. Our goal is to make coach’s lives easier through a streamlined user experience that’s easy to use, with a powerful back end to deliver deep insights that make a real difference for players and teams.

360Player Leadership

Mats Kraitsik, Founder & CEO

Alexander Kraitsik, Co-Founder

Per Mattsson, Co-Founder

John Mick, Chief Technology Officer

Stefan Thyron, Chief Marketing Officer

Leo Usberg, Nordic Markets

Phil Marfuggi, North American Markets

Olof Samuelson, EMEA Markets

Enric Valles, Product Development

Marcus Nummela, Design

Lena Kraitsik, HR Director

Hans Backe, Director

Felix Bonnier, Director

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