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360Player affiliate

Partnering with 360Player is a simple way to generate revenue while helping the 360Player community grow. Earn up to $100 in commission for every team that you sign up.

Are you a good fit?

360Player’s affiliate program is a great match for you if…

You want to
monetize your content

Get affiliate links to generate revenue and spread the word through your blog, emails, and social posts.  

You are part of the
soccer community

Share 360Player with coaches, club directors, and coordinators so they can try the platform with their organizations.

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360Player’s platform

Tell everyone you know about 360Player and help them to develop their teams better.

How the affiliate program works

Invite coaches
and teams

Using the link we give you, you can recommend people to try 360Player for free with their teams.

Get paid
through sign ups

When a team you referred leads to a subscription, you earn a commission.

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about 360Player?

360Player is the all-in-one platform for teams and clubs at all levels. We offer solutions for communication, video analytics, training planning, and more

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