1v1 defender in the square is a simple 1v1 variation where a defender is confined to a certain area that the attacker must dribble through before scoring.

Set Up

For this drill you need a large goal, a goal keeper, and a square at the top of the penalty area. Divide players into two groups, one of which starts as defenders next to the square and the other starting as the attackers as pictured in the diagram. The attacking players should be ready to go with a supply of balls.

How It Works

When the players are ready, the first player in the defending line comes out into the square. The attacking player must dribble through the square on their way to attacking the large goal. The defending player must stay in the square. If the offensive player is able to get past the defender, they’ll then be able to fully focus on their finish against the goal keeper.

Coaching Points

This is a great drill to give offensive players an opportunity to try out new moves against defenders. One tip to help the attacking players is to dribble towards the defender with speed. Often times all it takes to get by is just a quick change of pace or direction. Defenders should force attackers to their weaker foot and stand their ground.

Keep Away To Attack

Keep away to attack is a small sided game where two teams must complete a given number of passes before trying to score on goal.

3v3v3 Rondo

The 3v3v3 rondo keep away drill is played with 3 teams where two teams keep possession against one team in the middle.

Small Tight Rondo

The small tight rondo is a simple rondo variation with 3 or 4 players playing keep away from a defender in a small space.

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