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1v1 Drills

In a football match, more often than not the team that wins the majority of the 1v1 battles wins the game. Having the ability to take players on and break down the defense at the individual level is an extremely valuable skill in attack. On the flip side, the ability to stop attackers from getting by is very important defensively. Whatever the case, these drills will help your players take their 1v1 skills to the next level.

1v1 Defender Trailing

1v1 defender trailing is a 1v1 variation that encourages offensive players to attack quickly and stay calm under pressure while being chased by a defender.

1v1 Back To Goal Race

1v1 back to goal race is as fun 1v1 exercise where the first player to run around the cone in front of them gets the ball to attack on goal.

Straight Up 1v1 To Goal

Straight up 1v1 to goal is one of the simplest 1v1 variations where the defender plays a ball out to the attacker who then tries to score against them.

Pressing 1v1

The Pressing 1v1 drill is a simple one versus one drill that keeps players on their toes and places an emphasis on the defensive player to close down the attacker’s space as quickly as possible.

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