1v1 Tag

1v1 tag is a fun warm-up exercise that helps players develop their speed and quickness as they try to race past a defender. The taggers typically start by sitting down or performing an exercise so that the runner has a slight advantage. This encourages the runner to move as quickly as possible to get to the other side.

Set Up

Create lanes for this drill as pictured above and then have players partner up. One partner starts out as the tagger while the other partner starts out as the runner. Taggers start in the middle and the runners start on one side. Keep in mind when creating the running lanes, wider lanes give an advantage to the runners while more narrow lanes make the tagger’s job easier.

How It Works

On the coaches signal, the runners try to run to the other side without getting tagged. (Each partner group stays in their own lane). If the tagger manages to tag a runner with two hands or the runner goes out of bounds, the tagger earns a point.

Starting positions can be varied for this drill to incorporate different exercises. It’s nice to give the runner some kind of advantage to try to get across quickly. With this in mind I usually have the tagger start sitting down, lying on their backs, or performing an exercise such as sit-ups or push-ups before they can get up and try to tag the runner. Here are some variations that tend to work well:


  • Tagger Sitting Down At The Start
  • Tagger Lying Down At The Start
  • Tagger Does 2 Push-Ups
  • Tagger Does 2 Sit-Ups
  • Tagger Does 2 Lunges
  • Tagger Does A Burpee
  • Tagger Does 3 Jumping Jacks
  • Tagger Runs Back To Their Own Side Before Turning Around To Tag
  • Tagger Does 3 Push-Ups, Runner Does 1
  • Tagger Does 3 Sit-Ups, Runner Does 1
  • Tagger Starts 2m Behind The Runner To Chase

Coaching Points

In this drill emphais is typically placed on speed, agility, and quickness. To incorporate a ball, another variation can be played where the runners are instead dribblers and the taggers are defenders. In this variation the dribblers have to try to dribble past the defenders to the other side without losing the ball.

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