The 3v1 long range shooting game is a fun exercise where teams can enter a neutral area for a long shot after completing a minimum number of passes amonst their team. It’s a fun and competitive game which helps players develop the ability to keep possession of the ball, capitalize on available opportunities, and finish from long range. 

Set Up

Create a large rectangular grid with a full sized goal at either end and a 5m wide neutral area in the middle. 

Two teams of four are needed for this drill. Each team consists of three offensive players who start on their own side and a defensive player who starts on the opposite side to try to pressure the opposition’s attacking three. 

How It Works

The ball starts with a team of three on one end who plays keep away from the defender. Once the offensive team has completed a minimum of four passes in a row they can enter the middle neutral area and attempt a long shot on goal. If a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play a new ball starts with the attacking team on the opposing side.

Coaching Points

This drill gives players a chance to practice finishing from distance because they are able to shoot uncontested once they make it into the middle neutral area. In addition, it’s also a nice way for players to work on moving the ball around while under pressure from a defender. In essence it combines aspects of both a rondo and a finishing drill.

One thing to be on the lookout for is that offensive players are moving to create good passing angles for their teammates when they don’t have the ball. 

Croatian Finishing Progression

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Keep Away To Attack

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