This is a baseline out-of-bounds play against man-to-man defense.

Set Up

Player of coach’s choice inbounds the ball. Remaining players are positioned as follows: one on the ball-side block, one on the ball-side wing, one at the foul-line, and one on the opposite wing.

How It Works

The player on the ball-side block runs out to the corner and receives the inbound pass. The players on the ball-side wing and foul-line turn and set a staggered screen for the player on the opposite wing. This player runs hard off the staggered screen looking for a catch-and-shoot on the ball-side wing. As this occurs, the player who inbounded the ball walks his/her defender toward the opposite block and flashes hard to the ball-side block for an post entrance.  

Key Coaching Points

-First option: player from the opposite wing running off the staggered screen.

-Second option: inbound player flashing to ball-side block.

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