This is a baseline out-of-bounds play against man-to-man defense.

Set Up

Player of coach’s choice inbounds the ball. Remaining players are positioned as follows: one on the ball-side block, one on the foul-line, and one on each lane-line outside of the perimeter.

How It Works

The top two players cross off the player at the foul-line looking for a quick inbound pass on either wing. The player on the ball-side block sets a backscreen for the player at the foul-line, who runs off the screen toward the basket. The screener then finds open space (look for a flash to the opposite block or a leak-out safety pass).

Key Coaching Points

-First option: either of the two top players cutting to the wings.

-Second option: foul-line player cutting off the backscreen.

-Third option: Screen flashing to the open space.

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