Control the ball quickly is a simple exercise for individuals to work on bringing the ball down and under control as quickly as possible.

Set Up

For this drill create two small squares with cones about 5-10 meters apart. In addition a ball is needed.

How It Works

The player starts by juggling the ball in one of the squares and then kicks the ball high into the air. The objective for the player is to bring the ball down and dribble to the opposite square as quickly as possible. Once they’ve done this, repeat on the other side.

Coaching Points

For an increased challenge, work on controlling the ball with different parts of the body or kicking the ball even higher into the air. 

A big challenge for advanced players could be to play the ball up from one square and recieve it in the other square before it touches the ground.

Small Tight Rondo

The small tight rondo is a simple rondo variation with 3 or 4 players playing keep away from a defender in a small space.

Full Team Down & Back Warm-Up

This is a simple dynamic warm-up arrangement where everyone on the team goes down and back at once.

Bayern Relay Race

Bayern Munich likes to do a variety of relay exercises in training for players to keep technical skills sharp. Heres a common one used by the German giants.

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