Diagonal four is a great possession game for players to work on vision and awareness as they can attack in four different directions to earn points.

Set Up

Create a large grid with cone gates in each corner as shown in the diagram. Divide players into two teams. In addition, have a supply of extra balls ready.

How It Works

The two teams compete to keep possession of the ball and can score points by passing through the cone gates to teammates. Once a team scores on one gate they can not score on the same gate twice in a row so they have to switch the play and try to score somewhere else next.

Coaching Points

This is a great drill for players to work on decision making, creating space, and moving the ball around. In addition, it can get very competetive!

Movement off the ball is extremely important so that players on the ball have good passing options. Emphasize to players to look to find the open spaces and switch the field when it is on.

Neutrals can also be added to make this game easier for the teams when they are in possession.

Line Shooting

Line shooting is a simple finishing exercise for players to work on scoring against a goal keeper or hitting towards certain areas of the goal.

Four Square Technical Challenge

The four square technical challenge is a circuit where players work on different technical skills in each square.

Control The Ball Quickly

Control the ball quickly is a simple exercise for individuals to work on bringing the ball down and under control as quickly as possible.

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