Fast 3v3 battles is a fun and competitive small sided game with teams trying to score on goal in waves.

Set Up

Prepare a field with a large goal on one end and two mini goals on the opposite end as shown in the diagram. Divide players into groups of three. One group of three starts as the first group of defenders who defend the large goal. The other groups start at the top of the drill in lines. The players in the middle line need soccer balls.

How It Works

The first group of three at the top of the drill comes out and plays 3v3 against the defenders. If the defenders win the ball, they attack against the small goals. If a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play, a new group of three enters from the top of the drill to attack. In this case the team that was just attacking becomes the new defensive team.

Coaching Points

This drill offers the offenive team a chance to work on combination play and moving the ball around quickly to find an opening for a shot. Coaches can emphasize speed of play and taking advantage of opportunities to shoot. When the ball goes out of play, often times the attacking team can gain an advantage by starting quickly while the defenders are out of position.

Basic Free Kick Practice

This drill offers an easy way for players to practice taking and defending free kicks around the penalty area.

Backside Bunch Corner Kick Play

Backside bunch is an attacking corner kick play where a group of players forms a mob at the top of the box before running to different areas when the kick is taken.

Basic Corner Kick Defending In Zones

How to defend corner kicks is an important tactical decision that every coach must make for their team. Here is a simple zonal defending strategy.

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