The four square technical challenge is a circuit where players work on different technical skills in each square.

Set Up

For this drill create four small squares with cones about 5-10 meters apart. In addition a ball is needed.

How It Works

Assign a different technical exercise in each of the four squares. These could include things like inside of the foot taps, juggling, outside/inside, etc. This video includes some exercises that can be done in the squares:

Have the player spend one minute in each square before moving on to the next one. Or have players complete a certain number of reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one. With this set up, players can practice going as fast as possible.

Coaching Points

In addition to technical exercises, players can also do physical exercises such as push-ups, or sit-ups in some of the squares. There are unlimited combinations of exercises players can do with this set up!

Keep Away To Attack

Keep away to attack is a small sided game where two teams must complete a given number of passes before trying to score on goal.

3v3v3 Rondo

The 3v3v3 rondo keep away drill is played with 3 teams where two teams keep possession against one team in the middle.

Small Tight Rondo

The small tight rondo is a simple rondo variation with 3 or 4 players playing keep away from a defender in a small space.

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