Keeper wars is a fun competition between two goal keepers who try to score against one another by throwing the ball into the goal.

Set Up

Create a small field with a large goal and goal keeper at either end.

How It Works

One of the goal keepers starts with the ball and tries to score by throwing the ball in. The opposite goal keeper tries to save the ball. The keeper who saves the ball is allowed to take three steps from where they saved it before trying the score on the other side.

Other variations of this drill can be done with shots instead of throws or with having each goal keeper be able to shoot from their own half rather than taking three steps.

Coaching Points

Emphasize good goal keeping technique. In addition, speed of play can give players an advantage in this drill by taking their shot when their opponent is out of position.

Line Shooting

Line shooting is a simple finishing exercise for players to work on scoring against a goal keeper or hitting towards certain areas of the goal.

Four Square Technical Challenge

The four square technical challenge is a circuit where players work on different technical skills in each square.

Control The Ball Quickly

Control the ball quickly is a simple exercise for individuals to work on bringing the ball down and under control as quickly as possible.

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