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Mini Games

Mini games or small sided games are designed to help players and teams improve in a variety of different areas such as switching the play, utilizing wingers, launching counter attacks, and more. Mini games are great for player development because with less players on each side, everyone gets more touches on the ball and more opportunities to improve. They are also great for replicating game-like situations.

Defense Drops Two

Defense drops two is simple small sided game where the team in possession has a numerical advantage in attack.

Two Teams Against One

Two teams against one is an easy keep away competition where three teams take turns playing defence in the middle.

3v2 All Time Forwards

3v2 all time forwards is a fun and fast paced mini game that can help players develop good attacking play with a plus one numerical advantage.

Win The Ball To Counter

Win the ball to counter is fun small sided game that combines elements of keep away and counter attacking in a competitive drill between two teams.

3v3 Flying Changes

3v3 flying changes is a fast paced small sided game that can help players work on attacking quickly and finishing.

3v3 In Waves

3v3 in waves is a fast paced shooting game where players can earn an advantage and get a shot off by attacking quickly.

Keep Away To Wide Players

Keep away to wide players is a fun keep away style game where once a team completes a given number of passes they can play it out wide and attack.

3v3 Take Back To Attack

3v3 take back to attack is an easy small sided game where once a team wins the ball they have to play it back to the coach before going towards goal.

Back & Forth 2v1s

Back and forth 2v1s is a possessional 2v1 variation where players aim to combine with one another to get past a defender and play a ball in to the opposite side. Once this is achieved, the players on the other side attack in the opposite direction.

3 Team Possession Drill

The three team possession drill is a fun and competitive rondo variation played with three teams.

Mini Goal Game With Neutrals

Mini goal game with neutrals is a classic small sided game variation which gives the offensive team the advantage for lots of back and forth action.

Find The Killer Pass

Find the killer pass is an excellent drill to teach players to move the ball as a team and execute penetrating passes into dangerous areas.

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