Partner Shooting is a great way to assure players get the shot repetitions they need to improve. Make this drill competitive to assure players run hard for rebounds and really focus on every shot.

Set Up 

Pair up players into teams of two. Each team has one ball. One player starts inside the paint with the ball and the other starts anywhere outside the perimeter. If possible, limit two or three teams to each basket.

How It Works

Coaches should determine which type of shots players are taking before each round – mid-range, 3pt shots, dribble pull-ups, etc. On the coach’s “go,” the players inside the paint throw a pass to their partners for a shot. Upon throwing the pass, the inside players will relocate to any spot on the perimeter. Shooters will retrieve their own rebounds, then pass to their partners for a shot, and so on.

Key Coaching Points

-Coaches may run this drill for a specific time period (2-3 minutes recommended) or up to a set score.

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