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Rondo Drills

A rondo drill is a keep away style training exercise where one group of players with the ball has a numerical advantage over another group of defending players. Rondos are great to help players work on maintaining possession of the ball, working together with their teammates, and thinking one step ahead. Essentially, the objective of the team in possession is to keep control of the ball while the team with fewer players tries to win it back.

From this basic ‘keep away’ concept there are a lot of fun rondo variations coaches can use to focus on different aspects of the game. Below you’ll find some of our favorite rondo inspired ideas that you can use in your training sessions.

Escape The Rondo

Escape the rondo is a keep away style game where the players in the middle need to dribble out as soon as they have won the ball.

4v2 Transitional Rondo

This rondo variation is played with two teams. When one team loses the ball or maintains possession for a given amount of time, a new ball starts on the opposite side.

Liverpool vs Man City Drill

The Liverpool vs Man City drill is inspired by the contrasting styles of possession play from Man City and the quick counter attacking style of Liverpool.

3 Team Possession Drill

The three team possession drill is a fun and competitive rondo variation played with three teams.

Find The Killer Pass

Find the killer pass is an excellent drill to teach players to move the ball as a team and execute penetrating passes into dangerous areas.

4v2 Rondo With Dribble Retake

This simple drill helps you teach your players how to take up positions to maintain possession and to react and transition fast to dribble forward when winning the ball.

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