In this rondo variation the defender in the middle can win the ball and play out to their teammates to play keep away from the original attackers.

Set Up

Create a large grid with a smaller grid inside of it in the middle. In the small grid set up a 3v1 rondo. In addition, position 4 players around the outside in the larger grid.

How It Works

Play starts with the 3v1 rondo in the middle. The players in the middle try to see how many passes in a row they can complete. When the defender in the middle wins the ball, they play it out to their teammates on the outside who play a 5v3 rondo against the team that just lost it. If the ball goes out of play, play restarts with a 3v1 rondo in the middle. Whichever team manages to complete more passes in a row wins.

Coaching Points

In general rondos are great to help players work on keeping possession of the ball and improve basic passing skills. In addition, this drill teaches players to quickly react to changes in possession and transition to the defensive mode as soon as the ball is lost.

The difficulty of this exercise can be modified by limiting the number of touches players can take or changing the size of the grid.

Line Shooting

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