Rondo last one standing is a competition with two teams. Each team sends a defender to the other side to defend and the last team to maintain possession of the ball wins.

Set Up

Divide players into two teams and create a grid split into three areas. The areas on the ends function as rondo areas for the two teams. Each team needs a ball. This drill works best with team sizes of 4-6 players.

How It Works

Each team begins by trying to keep their ball alive and in play while at the same time sending one player over to defend the other side. With larger teams such as six a side, a coach could have teams send two defenders over instead of one.

Whichever team is able to keep possession the longest wins the round and earns a point. The first team to win three rounds wins! Be sure that teams are sending different defenders over each time.

Coaching Points

Offense and defense are equally important in this drill. On the offensive side of the ball players learn to work together to maintain possession while the defenders get to work on applying pressure and trying to win the ball.

Basic Free Kick Practice

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