Rondo possession vs goals is a game where one team earns points by keeping the ball away and the other team can earn points by winning it and scoring.

Set Up

Create a grid with a mini goal at either end. Set up players into two teams in the middle and several neutral ‘all time offense’ players.

How It Works

One team starts with the ball and plays keep away from the opposite team. If the team in possession can play a given number of passes in a row, they earn a point. If the defending team wins the ball, they can earn points by scoring on either of the mini goals.

If the ball goes out of play, the keep away team starts with a new ball.

Coaching Points

Rondos are great to help players work on keeping possession of the ball and improve basic passing skills. If the team in possession loses the ball, it’s important for them to transition to defense and close down the space quickly to prevent their opponents from scoring.

The difficulty of this exercise can be modified by limiting the number of touches players can take or changing the size of the grid.

Line Shooting

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