Side to sided saves is a basic goal keeper drill to help keepers get warmed up or to work on making diving saves.

Set Up

For this drill you need a large goal, a goal keeper, a cone on either side of the large goal, and a supply of balls.

How It Works

The goal keeper starts in the middle and when they are ready they shuffle to touch a cone on one side. As they shuffle back towards the middle, the coach tosses a ball towards the goal for the keeper to save. Once the save is made the goal keeper gets up and continues to the other side.

Another variation could be done where the coach calls out which side for the goal keeper to go to rather than alternating back and forth.

Coaching Points

Depending on the ability of the goal keeper and the intent of the drill (as a basic warm up or to work on diving saves) coaches can play balls in with varying degrees of difficulty to save.

Line Shooting

Line shooting is a simple finishing exercise for players to work on scoring against a goal keeper or hitting towards certain areas of the goal.

Four Square Technical Challenge

The four square technical challenge is a circuit where players work on different technical skills in each square.

Control The Ball Quickly

Control the ball quickly is a simple exercise for individuals to work on bringing the ball down and under control as quickly as possible.

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