Two-Line Passing is a timeless drill at all levels. Use it to teach young players the principles of quick, crisp passing or to remind older players that the quickest way to advance the ball up the court is by giving it up.

Set Up

Start with a line just outside of the paint on each side. Split the lines evenly if possible and give every player in one of the two lines a ball. For older teams, coaches may set up wider lines to force longer passes.

How It Works

Coaches should determine the type of passes being thrown – chest pass, bounce pass, pocket pass (off the dribble), overhead, etc. The first two players begin by rushing down the court together, throwing as many passes as possible before reaching the opposite baseline. When the first players reach the nearest foul-line, the next two players may begin, and so on. Upon reaching the opposite baseline, players should flare out to their respective sideline and jog back down to the side they started on and repeat.

Key Coaching Points

-Encourage players to run in a straight line, not drifting away from their partner nor closing the space between them.

-Coaches may also incorporate a lay-up at the opposite end. If doing so, have the next pair wait a few seconds longer before following the group ahead.

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