This drill was taken from a Bucknell University practice session. Two-Line Shooting will get players communicating, moving to the ball and shooting quickly off the catch and dribble 

Set Up

Only one basket is needed for this drill. Form one line on each wing at the foul-line extended. Lines should face each other. Have two basketballs in each line: in one line, the first two players will each have a ball; in the other line, the first player will start without a ball and the following two players will each have one. 

How It Works

The first player without a ball will start by running to the foul-line and receiving a pass from the opposite line. He/She will catch, square up and shoot. As the first player shoots, the passer runs behind them and receives a pass from the opposite line. Again, he/she will catch, square up and shoot and the action will repeat back and forth for a specific time period or up to a set score. Players are to retrieve their own rebound and switch lines after every shot.

Coaching Points

-Encourage shooters to run with their shoulders low and hands ready to catch. Players should call for the ball as they get to their spot.   

-The shots can be taken from anywhere. Coaches may set up the lines accordingly.  

-Coaches can run the drill for a specific time period or up to a set score. A good place to start is 10-20 makes for each progression, depending on the age and skill level.  

-Progressions may include dribble drives, dribble pull-ups, step backs, and 3pt shots.  

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