Sign Up For ISFA Members

Please sign up your first team for free to gain access to the 360Player platform and to access the player support and competitions.

See the get onboarding guide

What’s Included In The Platform?


360Player includes messaging, group chats, and wall posts for individual groups, as well as for the entire organization.

Sessions and Exercises

Within the platform coaches can easily create and share sessions to increase collaboration. In addition, coaches can attach sessions to practice events in the calendar!

Video Analytics

360Players makes professional level video analytics efficient and accessible to all to improve individuals and teams.


Track team statistics with ease! In addition, 360Player can provide more in depth information such as minutes played and physical strain for players.

Player Development

360Player ensures that every player gets the development they deserve through assessments, goals, and performance reviews.


All events, invites, and attendance can be handled within the platform helping managers spend less time on administrative tasks.

Getting Started Frequently Asked Questions (For Admins)


How do I sign up?

Visit or download the 360Player app on mobile. Then you can follow the steps to create an account using the ISFA group code ‘YDMYHO’. If you need help through the process, see the getting started for admins guide


What is the ISFA Group code?

The ISFA group code is YDMYHO.


Can I sign up ISFA member?

No. This page and the group code on this page are for ISFA members only. If you are not an ISFA member you will not be granted access.


I would like more support, can I get some help?

If you need help, feel free to check out our help center which may resolve your question, there you can also chat with the 360Player support.