Get started

with 360Player

Welcome to 360Player! This page is for administrators, coaches, players, and parents to access all the information they need to get started successfully with the platform. You can find full get started guides for each role below.

How to get started!

In order to become sucessful users of 360Player, we recommend onboarding the members of the organization in a certain order.
This to ensure that the setup becomes correct for each team. This is the order that we recommend:



The first users to be onboarded are the admins, who can setup the organization and invite other users.



The admins will invite coaches and other staff to the groups within the platform. Coaches and staff can then start filling the groups with content.



The players will be invited after the staff. They will sign up to each group using the Group Code that can be activated for every group.



It is important that parents are added to the platform last. In order for a parent to connect to their child, the child needs to already have created their account.

Need additional assistance getting onboard?

Visit our help center on to find support articles as well as contact to our support team.

What’s included in 360Player?

360Player has a wide range of features so that every person in and around the club can find value within the platform.
Here are the main areas that you will work with within 360Player:


Communicate throughout the entire team and club with smart and fast messaging solutions tailored just for you.

Training Planning

Save all of your favorite content in your own personalized libraries and plan your sessions in minutes.

Video Analytics

Professional level video analytics made efficient and accessible to your team, regardless of level.


Create meaningful statistics from games and training sessions and get deep insights beyond just static numbers.

Player Development

Assess players, generate training programs, and provide feedback in no time. Be sure no player gets left behind.


Handle all events, invites, and attendance in one place and spend less time on administrative tasks.

How are clubs and teams
working with 360Player?

Get insipired on how to use 360Player in your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get a group code?

You get your team’s group code from a coach or team manager of the team you would like to sign in to.

Can I sign up without joining a group?

Currently the 360Player platform only works when connecting with teams and organizations.

I’m a parent, how can I get started?

The parent account works by creating a link to an existing child’s account. Once your child has created an account, you link to their account through the email address your child used. More info here: How to get started as a parent

I’m a player who needs GDPR consent. How do I get started?

For individuals below the GDPR consent age in your country, you need parental consent to log in for the first time. When you create your account you may enter your parent’s email address and they can approve your account via the email they receive.