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About 360Player

360Player is a digital development tool created for football players and trainers. The purpose of the service is to give all players the same opportunity to develop, regardless of background, age, physical development or individual strengths/weaknesses. As a user of 360Player, either as a player or trainer, you will be granted access to all of our great functions.

For trainers, 360Player enables you to gather all communication and development for each player in one place. Through simple skill evaluations the player gets tailored training tips from 360Player on how to improve. The goal is to continuously ease the life as a trainer and simplify communication, leadership and administration.

For players, 360Player helps you find out which position on the field that suits you best, and what skills you need to focus on to improve. One of the great benefits with 360Player is that all activities can be logged, which enables both players and trainers to follow the individual's development.

The team behind 360Player has closely followed youth football in Sweden for many years, and during later years also youth teams in Barcelona. After conducting studies on multiple Swedish and international football teams, we have concluded that the same fundamental issue can be found everywhere. Football clubs and academies around the world are currently missing out on between 60 and 70% of all potential talent. Physical development is a driving factor behind this problem. A lot of teams select players born early in the year, or that are early into pubertal development, because that grants physical advantages during games. Players born late in the year, or that are late into puberty, quit playing prematurely because they are often overlooked.

We have a solution to this problem, with the goal to make many more players continue playing football without letting physical development be an obstructing factor. We have created unique algorithms by statistical analysis of thousands of professional football players – this is the foundation of 360Player and our tailored functions. These functions helps evaluating players on an unbiased basis, and not overlooking talent. Our concept is therefore based on large amounts of data and not personal opinions. Our vision is to change the way football players are being developed. We look at the entire individual. We see the player from a 360° perspective.

It is fundamental for 360Player that all individuals should have the same opportunity to develop, no matter when you are born in the year, or how far you have come in your physical development. 360Player makes it easy to focus on each player and prioritize individual development. No one is forgotten. 360Player strengthens the team spirit with it's social media features.

360Player’s goal is to empower all individuals through positive feedback and individual communication. To be seen and recognized strengthens the individual and ultimately the team.

We take player development to a new level.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions!