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For players:


One of 360Players most fundamental functions is PositionMatch. By assessing individual skills players can broaden their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in different positions. Here you will also find your training priority to improve your chosen position.

From PositionMatch, each player can find out what they need to practice to develop in a chosen position. We call this training priority. Here you will see in what order you should prioritize your skills to improve your Position Score.


Your PositionScore is the result you get from 360Player's unique algorithm based on your or your trainer's assessment of your abilities as a player.

360Player gives the player training tips based on what position that you want to play on. The more you practice on your highly prioritized skills, the faster you will improve your PositionScore. Use the PositionScore as a guidance for how to improve, not as an absolute score of your abilities.

Assessment of skills

360Player enables you to continuously assess your individual skills. When you practice and improve these skills, your training priorities will change. We are always helping you to improve the skills that are most important for you. You can see the results either in your own or your trainer's assessments.

Training tips

Your training tips are based on the assessments of your skills. Here you can easily find exercises suitable for your needs, and also log your activities.


With 360Player you can communicate with your teammates and your trainer. Send private messages or share posts, videos and comments on the wall.

For trainers:

Player assessment

Through continuous assessments of your players abilities, you can give each player the right training priority based on their individual needs. You can also compare the players internally while planning for a game. 360Player thereby gives you a continuous follow-up on your players.

Player cards

All general information regarding each player is easily accessible on the player cards. Here you can also write time-coded notes for a number of different uses.

Squads & Formations

In Squads & Formations you can see each players optimal position in a variety of different formations. You can also create your own tailored formations. Squads & Formations makes planning for a match much easier and better. Place the players either to give them maximal development possibilities, or place your team to have a greater chance of winning.

Performance reviews

360Player supports performance reviews where trainers can create their own templates that the players will fill in. All historical reviews are accessible at any time. During the current performance review, goals can be added to be followed up upon later on.


With 360Player you can communicate with your players and other leaders at any time. Send private messages, post information or give your team feedback in the shape of likes or comments.


By collecting all your player's values into one, you can as a trainer get an indication on how your team is doing. With TeamScore you can easily see your team's improvements.

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