Be your best with PositionMatch.

As a player, it is important to know your priorities in order to develop in the right way. But how can that be done in a simple, yet extensive way?

We have analyzed 11 000 professional football players in detail. This enables us to create profiles for each position on the field – from striker to central back.

Our unique algorithms can define which position that suits each player the best – regardless of which position he or she prefers – and what they should practice on to improve. We call this PositionMatch, and it is the basis for every player’s individual development.

By comparing assessments, coaches and players gain important insights and now they can start a dialogue based on the player’s personal profile.

Physical development

Our algorithms also consider physical development. If a player is late or early in puberty, or born early or late in the year, the PositionMatch and training suggestions change. Maybe the player that is the smallest today will grow big, strong and fast – and become a suitable striker? Or the tallest, fastest and strongest player today, might match as a left midfielder?

Our algorithms provide great insights and adapt to different physical maturity. We give coaches the opportunity to see every player as if they have reached the same level of physical maturity.

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