One platform,
maximum development.

360Player offers a platform for players, coaches, clubs and parents to be their best. With smart solutions for individual development and communication, everybody’s needs are catered to.


Take control of
your development.

As a player you'll get all of your highlights, feedback from coaches, and training suggestions saved conveniently in one place on your player profile. Accelerate your development with individualized training plans tailored just to you and communicate easily with your teammates and coaches through our wall and messaging features.


Do more with less time.

With all of your administrative tasks, planning, and team communication in one place, 360Player helps everyone stay organized and on the same page. Curate your own personalized library of drills and sessions to create your training plans in minutes. Your players will also get individualized training suggestions based on their performance and assessments. Statistics and video analytics give you even more tools to gain insights and improve your team!


Insights and
quality assurance.

360Player helps ensure that your club maintains a high standard of quality across all of your teams. With our platform it's easy to check in with coaches and be sure that all of the players in your organization are getting the feedback and attention they deserve to maximize their potential. In addition, it's easy to spread club methodology with special club libraries of sessions and more!


Less work, greater performance.

Keeping track of information and data for all of your athletes is much easier when it's in one place. From team attendance reports, performance reviews, and the ability to track individual's estimated physical strain to prevent injuries, 360Player is the perfect solution for high school and university programs.

“360Player enables communication, player development and exercising of good leadership, all in one easy to use mobile platform.”

Hans Backe
Former trainer, Manchester City, New York Red Bulls, Mexico and much more. Renowned football expert in media.


For your child.
And you.

You want the best for your child. Correct feedback is one of the major drivers for improvement. Make sure your child gets seen by the coach.


• PositionMatch
• Performance reviews
• Team Wall and Chat
• Video Analytics
• Calendar
• Player Assessment
• Training Statistics

• Physical Strain
• Attendance Reports
• Individual Training Priority
• Squads Optimization
• Team Overviews
• Exercise Library
 And much more...

How to get started!


Contact and meeting

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We make sure that you know the platform in and out.


Team setup

We help you and your teams to get started. 


Follow up and support

We are always there for you and offer live support in app.

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