Be efficient.

Managing your team and club should be easy. Handle everything in one place and spend less time on administrative tasks.

Smart calendar.

Create any kind of event for your team in a structured way. Events like matches contain specific data so that you can gather statistics and create analytics – all connected to the calendar.

Handle invites with ease.

When inviting participants to your events in 360Player, all invites get sent through push notifications. That means that you can get instant feedback regarding your team’s attendance for upcoming events.

Attendance in seconds.

Once participants are invited to an event, you can handle attendance with the click of a button. This makes attendance registration efficient and logs player’s activities directly to their profiles automatically. With this information you can easily track statistics and physical strain to prevent injuries for all your players.

Automated reports.

Through the calendar feature, all attendance, injury, and illness data is automatically gathered in reports for you to check at any time.

Everything included.

Affordable for any club or team.

3 months


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Billed quarterly

Setup included

1 Year
(save 33%)


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Billed anually

Setup included



Get a tailored offer when implementing the 360Player platform for multiple teams or in the entire club/college/school.

Includes multiple club features, like organization wide communication, custom branding and file sharing.

All prices shown excluding VAT

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