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be your best.

You are the coach. The inspirational leader and role model. The tough decision maker and the passionate visionary. This is why you need an optimized tool to analyze your players so that you can coach them in the right direction.

Add facts to your experience, and we can help you be your best.

Focus on the individual

We have analyzed 11 000 professional football players in detail. This enables us to create profiles for each position on the field – from striker to central back.

By assessing your players, our unique algorithms can tell you which position that suits each player the best, and what they should practice on to improve. We call this PositionMatch, and it is the basis for individual development.

360 Statistics – get the insights

We will provide you with all sorts of statistics regarding your team. 360Player gives you a great overview of match statistics, attendance, physical strain, injuries and much more. All gathered in your mobile phone, twenty-four seven.

Video analytics

Video is a great way to find key insights regarding your game. With 360Player’s powerful video analytics module anyone can start analyzing, regardless of level. With easy video sharing to the players, great analytics can be done in minutes.

Communication is everything

We all know that every player needs to be recognized and endorsed. This is obviously a time consuming challenge. Until now. With 360Player you can easily communicate with your team, using posts, chats and likes to make everyone feel seen and heard.

Improvement through dialogue

Setting the right goals and gaining feedback is key for development. We provide a platform where you can easily have a continuous dialogue with every single player, without adding any additional time to your workload.

Your new calendar

With 360Player, there is no need for any other calendar application. It’s super easy to create events, manage invites and attendance – and automatically gain statistics. All seamlessly integrated in the platform.

Prepare for match day

Plan your matches using your player assessments to see your team in a new light. Just play to win. Or maximize development by letting 360Player eliminate the bias of physical development. Why not let our unique optimizing algorithms help you set up your team?

"360Player is an important tool to us in the ambition to develop individuals."

Daniel Kalles Pettersson
Head coach - NIU Danderyds Gymnasium, former coach Djurgårdens IF Ladies and Hammarby IF Ladies

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