Support and
be your best.

Early mornings. Hours of driving, waiting, watching and cheering. You are the ultimate hero, giving your child the opportunity to grow and develop. This is why we want to give you a tool that helps you support your child to reach their full potential.

Embrace facts together with us, and we can help you be your best.

Make sure your
child is seen

We encourage and enable every coach to see and recognize each individual, with continuous communication and feedback.

Individual focus
with PositionMatch

Our platform constantly communicates to each player what they should practice on in order to improve. We call this PositionMatch. Using our exercise library, every player can improve individually, to reach their personal goals.

Never miss a thing
with your new calendar

Our integrated calendar makes life super easy. Every member and parent can keep track of upcoming events and news. If you subscribe to the calendar, it’s also accessible from your normal calendar app.

Communication is everything

We all know that every child needs to be noticed and endorsed. This is obviously a time consuming challenge. Until now. With 360Player, your child can easily communicate with the coach and other team members, using posts, chats and likes to make everyone feel seen and heard.

Player dialogue

Setting the right goals and gaining feedback is key for development. We provide a platform where the player has continuous dialogues with the coach about individual development. Over time, a lot of valuable information is gathered for the player to keep.

"Football is more fun now when I get individual coaching and feedback from my coach.”

Petter (dad) and Jonathan (player)
IFK Strömstad B06

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