For Parents

360Player was developed with parents in mind so that it is easy to be a part of the development process. With 360Player you can follow along every step of the way and ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

Be sure your child is seen.

We encourage and enable every coach to see and recognize each individual with continuous communication and feedback. This ensures that players feel like valuable members of their team and are getting the attention they need to grow.

Individual focus with PositionMatch.

With our PositionMatch feature, our platform makes it easy for each player to understand what they should work on the most in order to improve. Through a combination of assessments and unique algorithms, 360Player provides customized training suggestions for every player to improve and reach their individual goals.

Never miss a thing with our Calendar.

Our integrated calendar makes keeping track of all of your child’s events super easy. It’s also easy to integrate with your normal calendar app for the most streamlined experience possible.

Communication is key!

With features like direct messaging and a team wall for status updates, 360Player makes communication on an individual basis or with the entire team easy. We also make it as simple as possible for coaches to give feedback to players so that everyone on the team feels seen, heard, and encouraged.

A great basis for development.

With tools like individualized development plans (IDPs), performance reviews, and video analytics, 360Player provides a solid foundation for development discussions between players and coaches. All of this information gets saved to player’s profiles to refer back to at any time.

In addition, 360Player constantly provides statistical data to optimize development such as estimated physical strain for players to prevent debilitating injuries.


“Football is more fun now when I get individual coaching and feedback from my coach.”

Petter (dad) and Jonathan (player)
IFK Strömstad p06

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