Train and
be your best.

You are unique. You are like nobody else. Something that is right for another, probably doesn’t cater to your needs. This is why your training must be tailored to you – based on your ambitions, your flaws and your talents.

Focus on facts together with us, and we can help you be your best.

Find your best position
with PositionMatch

We have analyzed 11 000 professional football players in detail. We know the profiles of each position on the field – from striker to central back.

By assessing your own skills, our unique algorithms can tell you which position that suits you the best, and what you should practice on to improve. We call this PositionMatch, and it is the basis for your individual development.

Practice on the right things

Based on your skill assessment, 360Player can give you suggestions on what skills you have to improve in any position. To develop in the right way, we also provide exercises that you can do individually or together with friends.

Your unique profile

You will gain access to all sorts of statistics that are important for your development. Match statistics, training logs and physical strain – easily accessible – in your unique player profile.

Stay updated

360Player makes it easy to stay connected with your team. Share posts, videos, training activities or send chat messages.

Improvement through dialogue

Setting the right goals and gaining feedback is key for development. We provide a platform where you and your coach continuously focus on your development.

When and where?

Keep track of all events that are important to you. Using the integrated calendar, 360Player will send reminders about every single thing that’s connected to you.

“Football is more fun now when I get individual coaching and feedback from my coach.”

Petter (dad) and Jonathan (player)
IFK Strömstad B06

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