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The session planner tool is included as part of the all-in-one sports platform. See the entire platform →

Trusted by clubs from all over the world.

Trusted by clubs from all over the world

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Browse through hundreds of ready made drills and sessions, or create and save your own!

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Save exercises to your own personal, team, or club training library. With three libraries in one, you can share ideas and collaborate with exactly who you want. 

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Easily attach training plans to events inside the 360Player calendar so that other coaches or even players can review the days activities before hand!

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The session planner is just one part of the 360Player platform. Get everything you need for your team in one place including communication tools, statistics, individual development plans, video analytics, and much more!

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See how Kiarash Livani of Huddinge IF uses 360Player’s video analytics and session planner with his team.

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