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The development platform empowering clubs, teams and players – regardless of level.


Communicate throughout the club and team with smart and fast messaging solutions. Tailored to you and your team.


360Player enables any team to use analytics in a professional, but efficient way. Track statisics and develop using video.


Make sure every individual in the team gets the feedback and development they need using our unique development tools.


Be more efficient in your administration. Schedule events, create reports and plan training sessions in seconds.


Handle all club and team communication in one place. Direct message players fast and easy, or share posts, files and videos on the wall for the whole team to see.

Wall and chat

Communicate with the entire team in seconds. On the wall it’s easy to stay up to date with everything that’s going on. 360Player also offers direct chat for one to one communication.

Tailored solutions for your club

The 360Player platform allows you to create unique group structures tailored to the needs of your organisation. This makes communication throughout the club faster and easier. From sports director to parent, all in one app.


We want to make your team and club administration as simple as possible. Schedule events, handle invitations and attendance, and plan your training sessions, in seconds.

Smart calendar

Create and manage events, handle invites and attendance and get statistics automatically. 


Get instant overviews of your team and players. Track attendance, injuries and more. 

Video analytics

Video plays a key role in developing your team and individual players. Gain insights by using our easy-to-use, but powerful video analytics to develop your team even further.

Create, tag and share.

Create clips, write comments and tag individual players. The players automatically gain access to their individual clips in their profile. 

Available to anyone.

360Player’s video analytics is easy to use, opening up new possibilities for teams regardless of age and level. You don’t need any prior experience to cut, tag and share video.


In 360Player’s video analytics, all team members can collaborate, making analytics easier and much more efficient.

You’re in good company

“360Player is an easy and modern platform for coaches and players in the team.”

Adam Gürsoy
Coach U17, IFK Stocksund

“360Player enables communication, player development and exercising of good leadership, all in one easy to use mobile platform.”

Hans Backe
Former coach New York Red Bulls, Manchester City, Mexico National Team, and many more

“Staying updated and checking in with every player in every team has been a real challenge, but not anymore thanks to 360Player.”

Nacho de Prada
Sports director Racing Sárria C.F.


Great statistics shouldn’t just be for the pros.
With 360Player, any team can get important insights through our statistics tool.

Match and training statistics

Create meaningful statistics from games and training sessions. Keep track of goals, cards, playing time and much more. All automatically aggregated at your convenience.

Avoid injuries

360Player keeps track of physical strain to create awareness and prevent possible injuries.

Player development

We provide all the tools you need to take your player development to the next level. Assess your players, generate training programs and provide feedback in no time.

Assessments and PositionMatch

Through assessment of a player’s skills, 360Player’s unique algorithms suggest the best position and individual training for the player. Comparing assessments made by the coach and player creates a great foundation for development.  

Individual training

360Player automatically tailors individual training priority for every player, based on their chosen position. We provide skill based exercises, to inspire players to take responsibility for their own development.

Individual development plans

With the performance review tool, it is easy for a team to facilitate development plans and continously provide feedback without adding on to the workload of the coach.

Always at your service

360Player is available on the device of your choice, Mac or PC, iOS or Android.

Everything included.

Affordable for any club or team.

3 months


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Invoiced quarterly.

One month notice.

12 months


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Invoiced yearly.

One month notice.

24 months


per user/month

Minimum 20 users

Invoiced yearly.

One month notice.

Club/volume deal


per user/month

Get a tailored offer when implementing the 360Player platform in the entire club/college.

All prices shown excluding VAT

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