How to block or remove users

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Step 1 – Press the More button.
Step 2 – Press Team settings.
Step 3 – Press User management.
Step 4 – Press the three dots next to the player you would like to block or remove.
Step 5 – Press block or remove user.

Keep in mind if you choose to block or remove a user this action can’t be un-done and the user will have to rejoin the team manually later.


Step 1 – Navigate to the Team Settings from the menu.
Step 2 – Navigate to the User management tab.
Step 3 – Click the three dots next to the user that you want to remove or block.
Step 4 – Remove or block the user by clicking the corresponding option.
Step 5 – You can overview your blocked users from the Blocked tab.

Blocked users will not be able to join your group even if they have the Group Code of the team.