How to write a wall post

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Step 1 – Press the Create button.
Step 2 – Press the Post button.
Step 3 – Write your post using a title, post text, or add an attatchment.

If you add a link from YouTube or Instagram it will be embedded in the post. By selecting the Sticky post option the post will stay at the top of the feed. Keep in mind there can only be up to three sticky posts at a time. If you select Send notification? all members of your team will receive a notification of your post.

Step 4 – After pressing Save post your post will show up on the wall. You can edit or delete your post by pressing the three dots on the post.


Step 1 – Press the Create button and choose post, or New on top of the wall.
Step 2 – Write your post using a title, post text, or add an attachment.
If you post a link from Youtube or Instagram it will show up as embed on the wall.
Step 3 – Set your posting option, then click Save post.

You can set the post as Sticky which means that it will stay on top of the wall until the post is removed, or the sticky status is turned off. If you want all group members to recieve a push notification regarding the post, make sure to turn the Send notification? setting to ON.

Note that you can only have three sticky posts active at a time.
Step 4 – Your post is now live! You can click the three dots on the post in order to edit or delete the post.