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360Player empowers player and team development through assessments, communication, statistics, video analytics, calendar and more – all in one platform.

A football team is made up of individuals, and it is important that everyone is seen and recognized. This poses a huge challenge for the coach, who often lacks time. Even though the players always want and need more.

How can the coach make sure that every player gets their desired communication, the correct training and has goals to fulfill? It’s hard to say the least.

360Player enables coaches to do more, using less time. We have developed an extensive but simple platform, gathering everything the club, team and player might need in one app. 360Player empowers teams and players through assessments, performance reviews, communication solutions, statistics, calendar, video analytics and much more – all in one platform. 

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Develop all individuals

Empower all individuals to develop. Through assessments, our unique algorithms can match every player with their best positions, and provide tailored training based on their profile.  

Communication made easy

Communicate fast and easy with all team members using the wall or direct chat. Or have meaningful performance reviews using the Player Dialogue tool.

Statistics and analytics

Great statistics shouldn’t just be for the pros. Now your team can get real match and training statistics with unique insights to your team. You can also use the included video analytics to develop even further.


There is no need for additional platforms or logins. Regardless if you are analyzing a player, or setting up the next match in the calendar, all can be found in the 360Player platform.

How to get started!


Contact and meeting

We introduce the 360Player platform over a meeting.



We make sure that you know the platform in and out.


Team setup

We help you and your teams to get started.


Follow up and support

We are always there for you and offer live support in app.

“360Player enables communication, player development and exercising of good leadership, all in one easy to use mobile platform.”

Hans Backe
Former trainer, Manchester City, New York Red Bulls, Mexico and much more. Renowned football expert in media.

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