Tutorial – learn it here!

Do you want to get started using 360Player and all its amazing features? Have a look at this video course in order to learn the basics regarding why and how to use the app. 

Chapter 1 : Getting Started

In this chapter we will look at the basics of the 360Player platform. What kinds of features are included? How do you add team members? And how do you change between teams? All of this and more will be answered in Chapter 1.

3 min.

Chapter 2 : Communication

Communicating with your team is key, both in regards of development and efficiency. In this chapter you will learn how to use the different communication solutions inside the 360Player platform, so you can start communicating better and easier with your team.

3 min.

Chapter 3 : Player Development

There are many parts of developing players, but one of them is individual focus. In the 360Player platform, every player can get individual training priorities and programs based on unique algorithms and assessments. Learn how they work in this chapter.

3 min.

Chapter 4 : Team Administration

Administraton shouldn’t take time. In the 360Player platform it is easy to administrate your club and team activities with the built in calendar and reporting modules.

2 min.

Chapter 5 : Video Analytics

Video analytics should be available to everyone. Seeing yourself play creates valuable insights for developing as a player. With 360Player’s video analytics, anyone can start analyzing video, no prior experience is required.

2 min.

Chapter 6 : Statistics

Statistics enable you to get insights regarding your team’s performance. In the 360Player platform you can track statistics to the detail you want, and autmatically get valuable output.

3 min.