Chapter 1: Getting Started

Welcome to the 360Player tutorial! Over a set of six chapters we will explain to you why and how to use many of the core features inside the 360Player platform. Let’s get started!

Lesson 1 : Starting Up and Adding Team Members

In this lesson you will learn how to get started using the 360Player app, and adding your additional team members to the team.

If your team/club/college doesn’t have a subscription for 360Player yet, click here to get in touch with a 360Player representative.

Lesson 2 : Platform Overview

The 360Player platform offers a great variety of different features to improve your team and to make your life easier as a coach. In this lesson we will walk through almost the different features that can be found within the app.

Lesson 3 : Joining and Changing Teams

Sometimes you are a part of many different teams or groups. In this lesson you will quickly learn how to join an new group or team, as well as swap between them.

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