The digital development platform for football teams. Individual training, match tools and team communication, all tailored for you and your team.

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For Players

Rate your skills. Get the 360Player PositionMatch. Understand what skills you need to focus on. Get personalized training priority.

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For Teams & Clubs

The team is based on individuals. Get maximum improvement from every player with performance reviews, goals and individual assessments. You now have a tool to set up your squad to get the maximum performance from your team.

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Player Key features

Our goal is to maximize individual development and to optimize communication with the trainer.

  • 360Player PositionMatch Your best position? If you want to be a striker or a central midfielder, what skills should you focus on?
  • Personalized training program Position based personalized training adapted to YOU! Get exercises for every individual skill and log your training.
  • Coach conversation Always be on speaking terms with your coach. Have performance reviews, set goals and send direct messages. Your coach will also be able to see all your logged individual training activity.

Team / Coach Key features

Maximize player development, endorse improvement and optimize team performance with Team Score Optimization.

  • Players strengts and training priority Evaluate your players and 360Player automatically communicates training suggestions and how to improve specific skills.
  • Coach Conversation Set season goals and endorse every improvement with likes and comments. Coach Conversations gives you the opportunity to have a personal dialog with every player fast and easy.
  • Prepare for match day Plan you matches, maximize team development or play to win. 360Player helps you see the team as if everybody was equal in physical development.

Physical development

The main reason that more than half stops playing fooball prematurely

  • Born late in the year or late into puberty Players that are late in physical development are often overlooked when the team focuses to win.
  • Born in the early parts of the year or are you early into puberty? Early physically developed players often get the wrong type of training and are played on the wrong positions for four to five seasons.
  • National teams, elite teams or average teams Selecting based on physical development is done in most countries and clubs. 360Player enables you to view all players as if they have reached the same level of physical development.
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