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Player Development

Develop every individual in the club

Make sure that every individual in the club has goals to work towards, gets the feedback they need, and takes responsibility for their own development. 360Player provides individual training programs for each player automatically, combined with tools for performance reviews and goals.
Set up goals and manage performance reviews
Grow by developing together
Generate individual development plans

Easily generate individual development plans

With 360Player’s unique algorithms each and every individual gets customised training suggestions to improve at their selected position. Simply assess a player’s skills and 360Player takes care of the rest.

Compare assessments for deeper development talks

Comparing assessments between coaches and players creates a solid foundation for valuable development discussions.

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Set clear goals and follow up to achieve them

When every player knows exactly what they need to work on, they improve more quickly. 360Player’s performance review tool makes it easy to check in on progress and keep everyone on track.

"With 360Player our learning and development has rapidly increased with our performance goals being exceeded in a few months."

Give every player a chance, adjust for physical maturity

Every child matures at different times. In fact, there can be a three year physical difference between children born during the same year. The 360Player app takes physical maturity into account when generating training programs, so everyone gets the same chance to develop.

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You are in great company

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what 360Player users have to say about the all-in-one sports management platform.

"With 360Player our learning and development has rapidly increased with our performance goals being exceeded in the few months we have been using it. Our team recently finished in 2nd place in a European Competition, which was way above our expectations."

“Really excited that players from T.E.S.A are getting the opportunity to use technology that allows us to support their player development and reach their max potential”