Our drills


General Dynamic Warm-Up

1v1 Tag

Juggle For Distance

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag

Basic Plyometric Warm-Up

Full Team Down & Back Warm-Up

Rondo Last One Standing

Escape The Rondo

Neutral In The Middle Rondo

Rondo Possession vs Goals

Numbered Passing

Passing Down The Field

Passing With Third Man Runners

Diagonal Short Short Longs

Ajax Passing Square

Small Tight Rondo

4v2 Transitional Rondo

Spaced Out Rondo

Rondo Pressure Drill

Rondo In A Rondo

3 Team Possession Drill

Find The Killer Pass

Two Teams Against One

Two Sided Possession Game

3v3v3 Rondo

Keep Away To Wide Players

6v3 To 3v1 Killer Pass Keep Away

Mini Goal Game With Neutrals

Back & Forth 2v1s

3v3 Take Back To Attack

3v3 Flying Changes

Win The Ball To Counter

Defense Drops Two

Half Field Attack

Fast 3v3 Battles

Keep Away To Target Players

Call The Numbers

Tactical 6v6

Unlock Neutrals Five A Side

4v4 Corner Targets

Spread It Around

6v6 To Large Goal

2v2 To A Large Goal

4v4 To Mini Goals

5v5 To Large Goals

Diagonal Four

2v2 To Mini Goals

Keep Away To Attack

Combination Play With Crosses

Introducing Tactics & Overloads To A Small Sided Game

Liverpool vs Man City Drill

Wall Pass Shooting Drill

Rondo To Attack

Team Rondo Finishing Challenge

3v3 Defenders In Zones

3v3 In Waves

3v2 All Time Forwards

Simple 2v1 To Goal

Liverpool 3v2 Drill

3v2 To Goal Shooting Drill

3v2 Crossing Drill

Rapid Fire Shooting Drill

3v1 Long Range Shooting Game

Dortmund 2v1 Shooting Drill

Shooting In Waves To 2v1

Three Tier Shooting

2v1 Pick A Side

Simple Crossing & Finishing

Three Team Shooting Contest

Six Shooter

Plyometric Finishing Drill

Passing Diamond To Finish

Line Shooting

Croatian Finishing Progression

Square Dribbling Warm-Up

Speedy Dribbling Warm-Up

Dribbling Relay Race

Slalom Dribbling Relay

Head To Head Dribble Race

Dribbling Around The Square

Safe Zone Dribbling

Bayern Relay Race

4v2 Rondo With Dribble Retake

Plyometric Technical Skills Circuit

Individual Technical Strength Circuit

Four Square Technical Challenge

Jürgen Klopp Pressing Warm-Up

Through Pass Competition

3v3 Beat The Last Player

Press The Possession

Swarm The Ball Carrier

Battle For The Advantage

Pressing 1v1

1v1 Pick A Side

Straight Up 1v1 To Goal

1v1 Back To Goal Race

1v1 Defender Trailing

1v1 Starting At The Posts

1v1 Defender In The Square

1v1 Battle For The Ball