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For Clubs

The all-in-one sports management tool for clubs

Become a better club through smart solutions within communication, performance analysis, management and much more – all in one place.
Manage club payments automatically
Provide teams with performance tools
Communicate with the entire club in one platform

One communication solution for the entire organisation

Communicate throughout the entire club with smart and fast messaging solutions tailored just for you. Write posts, chat, or send hundreds of notifications in an instant to all members.

"This platform has taken the organisation of our player/team analysis and communication to another level."

Powerful performance analytics using video

Enable your teams to improve further with video analytics tools that are easy to use. Videos can be shared throughout the entire organisation for all to see.

Share trainings and methodology throughout the entire club

Browse over 100 created drills and sessions, or create your own and share them within your organisation. Sending the right content to the right person has never been easier thanks to the Club, Team, and Personal session libraries within 360Player.

Automate payments and membership handling

Manage payments and memberships for your organisation automatically, creating new revenue opportunities for the club while lowering the administrative workload.

Manage the entire club in an efficient way

With 360Player it’s easy to check in or follow up with every team, coach and player in real time. Get an instant overview of what’s happening in your organisation. You can also build custom structures tailored to your club to ensure the correct flow of information.

Let players and coaches reach their full potential

Make sure that every individual in your club has goals to work towards, gets the feedback they need, and takes responsibility for their own development.

“Really excited that players from T.E.S.A are getting the opportunity to use technology that allows us to support their player development."

Follow up on team performance

Get access to statistics from matches and trainings for every team in the club at a moments notice. 360Player is packed with a ton of useful statistics features. For example, track physical strain to prevent injuries, or minutes played to see that everyone gets enough time on the field.

Trusted by clubs from all over the world
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You are in great company

Don't take our word for it. Read about what great 360Player users all over the world has to say about the all-in-one sports management platform.

"We knew that 360Player would help us to structure and give visibility to the sports part. However, we have been surprised by its communicative potential, with a little creativity we have managed to generate that feeling of community that makes the difference."

"360Player offers us a fast, agile and efficient work environment to be able to manage all the interdependent departments that we have in the sports structure. It is a fantastic tool that allows us to centralize all processes with total accessibility."

"With 360Player our learning and development has rapidly increased with our performance goals being exceeded in the few months we have been using it. Our team recently finished in 2nd place in a European Competition, which was way above our expectations."

"The use of 360Player has empowered the way we work with video analysis. We share clips continuously, with individual players, teams, technical staff and even at the club level. Even players create their own clips, identifying the trained concepts. It is an extraordinary tool to generate joint learning in the academy."