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Revolutionize your football organization with cutting-edge tools for communication, website management, payments, player development, and more - all conveniently integrated into one comprehensive platform.
Packages start at just £99/month for the entire club*
Basketball Club
Welcome back
Upcoming events
Falcons BC
Saturday 12:00
Court A1
Hi team, great work yesterday 🏀 I've made a video analysis from the match, please have a look!
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Basketball Club
Club Management
Sales volume
£198 000 total
Attendance rate
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80% attendance
15% didn't attend
5% no response
Summercamp 2024
392 registrants
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Manage And Develop The Entire Club In One Place

Stop using multiple apps to run your basketball club! With 360Player, you can streamline club management and embrace a unified platform tailored to your club. Simplify scheduling, communication, registrations, and more with one intuitive interface.
Get a modern website and connected member app
Experience a seamless registration process
Simplify communication with push notifications, calendars, and more
Website Builder
Welcome to
Basketball Club
John Everson
3 hours ago
Hi team, let’s prepare for match day! You will find all the details in the calendar event.
Falcons BC
Saturday 12:00
Court A1
Attendance Report
98% attendance
2% didn't attend

Improve The Financial Health of Your Club

Streamline your workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and always stay on the pulse of your organization’s finances. 360Player helps clubs cut down on missed or late payments while creating new ways to generate revenue.
Collect member fees easily and reduce missed payments
Get a clear financial overview, always at your fingertips
Boost sponsorship opportunities with a vibrant digital community
A sports club director
Sales Volume
£198 000 total
Requires action
4 past due
2 uncollectible
Summercamp 2024
392 registrants

Develop Your Players and Coaches

We provide all the tools that coaches, players and teams need to reach their potential! Ensure every player in your club feels seen and has a clear plan to develop.
Easily provide individual development plans for all players
Help coaches succeed with content and methodology libraries
Give everyone access to advanced tools such as stats and video analysis
Training Sessions
Monday Team Practice
45 min
8 players
Physical Strain
Team avg: High
Video Analytics
Goal Setting
Boost defensive rebounds
Increase 3-point accuracy
Improve free throws

Provide A Great Experience for Your Members

Connect your players, coaches, staff, parents, and family members in one centralized app. 360Player keeps members happy with software that's easy to use and powerful to work with.
Easily connect with all your members
Build a thriving digital community
360Player works for any sport
360Player works for all sports

Customer Stories

Speak With A Club Management Expert

Discover if 360Player is right for your basketball club.
*Prices may vary depending on location and available features

Will 360Player work for my sport?

Probably, yes! We have partnered with clubs in a wide variety of sports. Some of the most popular include:
Football (Soccer)

What languages are available?

360Player is available in:
English (US)
English (United Kingdom)

Which plan is right for me?

Our core plan is the perfect solution for clubs that just need to handle the basic admin features like registrations, payments, and communication. The power and all-in-one plans are amazing choices for clubs that want to offer tools for their players, coaches, and teams to reach their full potential. Speak to a 360Player representative to discover the best solution for your club.

How quickly can we be up and running?

To fully onboard your club can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on the number of members you have.

We have another system, is it hard to change?

Our streamlined registration process makes it easy for all players, parents, coaches, and admins to create accounts in our system in minutes. Our onboarding specialists are also here to assist in making sure all the data you need comes into the system successfully.

What is the best way to get started?

The easiest way to get started is to book a meeting with our sales team. When you decide to partner with us, they will assist you with creating your group and connecting you with an onboarding specialist.