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App Connect: The New Game Changing Feature for Sports Clubs

Stefan Thyron
We are very excited to announce a new groundbreaking feature that will change the way our customers interact with the 360Player platform. Our new featured called App Connect allows clubs to seamlessly integrate external services and web content directly into 360Player which in turn offers new ways to generate revenue, streamline operations, and increase connectivity.

In this article we will cover 5 ways App Connect can be utilized by clubs, but with a little creativity, the options are endless!

1. Connect Your Club's Web Shop

With App Connect you can integrate your team or club's online store right into the 360Player app making it easier than ever for members and potential customers to buy merchandise, tickets, or other club services. Depending on how you set this up, you can promote specific products, or your entire shop.

The real key here is accessibility and the ability to sell directly in the app where members are already coming daily for calendar events, communication, and everything else club-related! Now you can truly have a 'one-stop shop'.

2. Promote Club Sponsors

In addition to promoting your own products, App Connect is extremely attractive to club sponsors because it also makes it easier for them to promote their products and services. Clubs using 360Player are already at an advantage over traditional clubs when it comes to attracting sponsors because 360Player provides a space to build an engaged digital community.

App Connect takes this to the next level because now not only can sponsors be seen more readily, but they can also send members directly to their offerings and experience a much more clear return on investment.

3. Promote Third-Party & Affiliate Services

App Connect opens up opportunities to promote third-party or affiliate services, allowing clubs to generate additional revenue streams that may have otherwise never been possible. For example, one popular collaborator with clubs is the world-renowned Tanner Speed Academy which helps players improve their speed, agility, and quickness.

By partnering with such a provider and showcasing its offerings through App Connect, a club can offer its members additional tools and services to improve while simultaneously earning commissions when members sign up for a service from a third-party provider. That's not just a win-win... That's a win-win-win!

4. Connect Your Club's Tools In One Place

While 360Player prides itself on being an all-in-one platform that offers everything a club needs, each club is different and there are invariably some tools that may be outside of the scope of what 360Player provides. Whether it's a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox, or a special piece of accounting software- with App Connect you can make 360Player the centralized hub for everything! Connect all your club's services directly into the app and make it a breeze for personnel and members to always find what they need.

With App Connect you can also segment which types of members get access, for example, you can make the accounting software or cloud storage exclusively accessible to club admins, while special programs could also be viewable by members.

5. Increased Visibility On Special Club Programs

Speaking of special programs, that's another area where App Connect shines. Whether it's a college advisory program, travel program, tournament sign-ups, or something else, clubs can connect these services with AppConnect to drive traffic and increase visibility.

Rush Soccer, the largest soccer club in the world with over 55,000 players is already leveraging the power of App Connect to display and promote its own club services in a more seamless way than ever before.

Do you want to learn more about 360Player, App Connect, and how your club can level up? Feel free to book a call with us.

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