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How Sestao River Have Transformed Their Club With 360Player

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Over the past year Sestao River Club have been using our sports management platform 360Player to streamline their operations, distribute club methodology, and communicate between departments. In this post we catch up with the staff around the club to ask them about their experience.

In the heart of the Basque Country in Spain just outside of Bilbao we find the town of Sestao, home to 360Player users Sestao River Club. At the time of this writing Sestao River’s first team find themselves towards the top of the table in the fourth tier of Spanish football fighting for promotion every week in front of a stadium seating nearly 9000 passionate fans. From our visit to the grounds, it felt like a very unique and special place, home to a workman like club that’s not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get things done.

In their grassroots system, Sestao River is home to 20 teams with more than 300 boys and girls proudly representing the club colors of green and black. The goal of the club, not only to develop kids to become better on the pitch, but also to become better people off it. Over the past year SRC have been using our sports management software 360Player to streamline their operations, distribute club methodology, and communicate between departments. During our visit we caught up with several coaches and club personnel to ask them about their experience using 360Player.  

One area of strength inside the 360Player platform are the video tools that coaches can use to illustrate key points and learning opportunities for players. Here’s youth coach and analyst David Olmo on how Sestao River Club have been working with video to help players develop:


David Olmo, Youth Coach & Analyst


Q: How does Sestao River work with video?


A: First we film all of our matches, then I analyze the videos at home and create clips.This way when we review the video at training every player already can see what we mean and see how they can improve.


Q: How has 360Player made it easier to work with video?


A: It’s pretty useful because players can get the clips right in their phones and see what we want to correct or any mistakes they’ve made as well as the good actions they have done. This makes it easier to reinforce good habits for the things they have done well. Also the younger players love seeing their highlights and sharing them with others.


Another aspect that Sestao River have really enjoyed about using 360Player is how easy it is to structure and distribute methodology, sessions, and training plans throughout the club. Alex López who coaches various teams at different age groups told us about about his experience:


Alex López, Youth Coach


Q: How do you use the training and methodology features inside 360Player?


A: 360Player allows us to keep a daily record of everything, including training sessions.The truth is on a personal level, I have noticed that it has become a lot easier to register all of my tasks. In terms of our club methodology, we’re able to organize and structure everything that we do and deliver the methodology to the players in a more easy and practical way.


In addition, we can use it to show the objectives of the sessions beforehand so that they perfectly understand what they have to do and work on in the trainings. And afterwards when the training is done, the players can get instant feedback on what they have done and see if they have reached their goals.


The fact that the app makes everything so much easier to register and control, for us is absolutely wonderful.


Coaches and players are not the only ones that benefit from using the platform. We caught up with the club physical therapist Slava Glorin to see how he uses the platform in his day to day:


Slava Glorin, Physical Therapist


Q: What was life like before 360Player?


A: Before I used to have my notes and everything written by hand, but now thanks to360Player I have everything digital which has helped me a lot. I have my timetable, information about players and about injuries, I know when their trainings are which is very important because when I have 10 people a day I need a way to keep track of everything. When I used my notes with paper I lost time. With 360Player it’s very easy, I open my mobile and everything is there.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about 360Player?


A: I like that it’s easy to use, it’s very comfortable to work with, and it’s very logical for me.


From one visit to Sestao River it was clear that the staff loved working with the platform. It helped everyone save time, communicate efficiently, and allowed the players to develop more quickly and efficiently than they did before the club integrated with 360Player. If you want to get 360Player for your club, book a meeting with one of our sales representatives who would be happy to show you the platform in more detail or help you get started.

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