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Increase Revenue For Your Youth Sports Club (2024)

Chris Idun
Youth sports are about fun, passion and development, but organizations also need to work to tight budgets and cover costs. Generating revenue is an integral part of running a successful youth sports club!

In this article we will cover a few ideas on how to drive more money into your sports club!

1. Memberships

Paying members will probably be the backbone of your club’s revenue. Make it easy and clear for your members to sign up with the club and highlight exactly what they will get as part of the subscription package.

Maybe it’s access to quality coaching and facilities, maybe they’ll get discounted fees for signing up the whole family, or maybe they’ll get their hands on exclusive merchandise. Whatever packages and membership products you offer it’s simple to set them up and invoice for them on 360Player.

For your members creating their account is easy and you can say goodbye to spending countless hours chasing unpaid invoices. We’ve streamlined the payment process so it’s hassle-free to let you spend more time on the pitch and less time in the office. Also, automating payments means you’ll never miss revenue making it a win-win for clubs and members.

2. Fundraising Events

Club fundraising events are a perfect way to create a buzz and collect money for your organization. It could be a carnival, fun run, raffle or a holiday-themed event whatever idea you think you’re members will enjoy!  Build an atmosphere with music, food, drinks and games for families and the local community to come and support your organization.

Get the word out about the event with a Wall Post and flyer attachment sent to every group in your organization fast and simply in just a few clicks and then start planning for the event of the year!

Bringing in local food vendors and independent stores adds a fantastic layer of community integration for your club, weaving it into the fabric of the area. It also opens doors to valuable networking opportunities for the future.

3. Sponsors

Looking for the best way to boost your club’s finances with minimal effort? Get yourself some sponsorship!

Local businesses are interested in reaching local people, and you can help them get in contact with your members and their families.  Creating a Wall Post with content that explains what they do has the potential to generate revenue for your club as well as help the local economy. On top of that, you’ll see reporting on who has been viewing the post and be able to negotiate even better deals with sponsors the more members and visibility you have on the platform.

Build solid relationships with sponsors and show them the impact their money is having on driving your youth sports club forward and supporting the community. Whether it’s space on your website, advertising at the side of the venue or on the front of your shirt, you’re sure to find a great partners and companies that align with your clubs' goals.

4. Merchandise

Does your branding deserve a place on a water bottle, hoody or t-shirt? Create custom equipment for your members to purchase and promote it on your website and social media channels.

Selling merchandise not only serves as an excellent revenue generator for the club but also extends the reach of the brand, ultimately bolstering the membership base.

Once you’ve got your high-quality gear, you could use the 360Player App Connect feature to have a direct link to the club shop so that members can purchase in-app with ease!

From signing up members to hosting epic fundraising events, building sponsorships, and selling cool merch, there's a ton of ways to boost club funds.  Not only will these ideas impact the short term, but also build relationships that set the club up for future success!

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