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Sports Club Payments Online: 5 Reasons Every Club Should Do It

Stefan Thyron
Want to learn how to collect sports club payments faster and easier than ever before? Here we discuss how collecting payments online can make all the difference.

Let’s face it: 

Sports organizations all around the world are becoming more and more digitalized keeping track of schedules, development goals, communications, and more online.

The truth is, having everything online has tons of advantages.

For starters it allows quick and easy access to all the information that everyone in and around the club needs. Within seconds a parent can see their child’s practice schedule, coaches can send messages to their entire team at once, and directors can share methodology and training content with the push of a button. (Well most clubs can do this these days, if yours can’t you might want to see how 360Player can help)

Is it possible to collect payments for sports online as well?


Not only does collecting payments online make the process of sending invoices and keeping track of funds easy, it also has the potential to generate new revenue opportunities for the club.

And if that’s not enough, automating the payment processes in your club can reduce the administrative workload of club staff and volunteers BIG TIME! 

Want to save your club time while eliminating the hassle of collecting club fees? 

Then you’re in the right place.

Here’s 5 reasons why clubs love collecting payments online:

1. Increase club revenue

Collecting payments online means it’s easier to track exactly who has paid and who hasn’t.

Nobody wants to feel like a debt collector.

And with 360Player you don’t have to. Set up automatic reminders and our system can help your club bring in missed payments by sending follow up emails to members who have unpaid fees. In short, when members miss less payments that means more money for the club.

And why stop there? 

Because it’s so easy to offer multiple products and connect products to your club’s website, your club can generate more sales with less effort. Whether it’s club apparel, summer camps, extra training, tickets to matches, or registrations, you’ll never feel limited with what you can do inside the 360Player ecosystem.

2. Save time for club admins and volunteers

Here’s the reality:

Clubs that are still collecting payments manually are spending a ton of time on administrative tasks that could be automated.

Ask any club volunteer tasked with managing cash and checks from club members and you’ll probably find it’s not their favorite thing in the world to do. They don’t want to hassle people for money, and it takes a lot time to manage and record money coming in from multiple sources.

360Player lifts the burden of managing club finances so that everyone involved has more time to focus on more valuable and enjoyable tasks.

3. One time & recurring payments

If you collect sports payments online, convenience for club volunteers and staff isn’t the only benefit- club members love how easy it is as well!

By allowing parents or players to make recurring payments or pay everything up front gives them added flexibility to pay their way. Automating recurring payments also makes it easy to bill members automatically and spread out the club’s revenue over the course of the year to insure a steady stream of income.

4. Members want to pay online 

In this day and age, people are used to buying products online with a few clicks. Why should club fees and products be any different?

In fact, many businesses in countries such as Sweden where 360Player was founded have gone completely cashless and trends show that more and more businesses are adopting this trend world-wide. 360Player makes it easy to eliminate the need for cash and keep your club at the forefront of modern organizations.

5. Transparency and safety

Coaches, team members, and volunteers don’t want to be responsible for handling large amounts of cash or making multiple trips to the bank. Not to mention the added hassle of keeping track of who’s paid what and how much.

Imagine Caren wants to pay half of her son’s club fee today and half next week. Susan paid in full, but Mike’s dad John is waiting until pay day on Saturday. And that’s not to mention the other 15 members of the team, 3 of which have forgotten to pay on time.

Sounds like a nightmare to keep track of everything right?

The good news is keeping a record of all payments online gives total transparency to what has been paid and what hasn’t- without the need to ever physically handle cash or go to the bank.

Easily view or export reports and keep track of every dollar that comes in and out of the club.

In addition, you never have to worry about 360Player storing your club or member’s bank information. 360Player is partnered with Stripe, a global and trusted payment provider who processes all online payments made through the platform.

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