Academy director Sergi Angulo Lerín discusses how his organization uses the 360Player platform to communicate and aid in player development.


Being able to effectively communicate is an important challenge for all large organizations. Through using 360Player it’s easy to quickly send messages to specific players, coaches, or groups within the academy. In addition, each team has it’s own ‘team wall’. Similar to how you can get updates from friends and family on your facebook wall, the team wall is a simple way to get information out to entire teams or groups quickly and easily. 

Sharing Trainings

Keeping coaches on the same page is easy when you’ve got comprehensive communication tools. One great way to use 360Player is to share resources within the club. With features like training libraries and session creation, it’s not only easy to create and curate content, but also share with coaches and even attatch trainings to events in the calendar!

Video Analytics

RCD Espanyol academy de Barcelona Academy Stockholm places a high emphasis on player develoment and one way to really help players improve is through the use of video. The video analytics tool is very easy to use, but at the same time it’s an efficient way to share clips with teams or individual players. By tagging players in private clips you can make corrections on an individual basis without the need for the entire team to see. At the same time with public clips you can highlight strengths and weaknesses for the entire team to see at once. 

Using 360Player’s video analytics tool has allowed Sergi and his Academy to really hone in on specific details to help their teams and players improve. 

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