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1v1 Perimeter Closeouts

1v1 Closeouts is a two-sided game that forces defenders to get multiple stops without help and allows offensive players to work on their shot creation.

Set Up

A coach holds the ball in one corner. Start with 3-5 offensive players evenly spaced along the perimeter and a lone defender in front of the basket. Offensive players must be two passes (or a skip pass) away from the coach to assure proper close-out time for the defender.

How It Works

The defensive player gets set in a low stance. Coach throws a pass to any of the offensive players and the defender closes out hard to prevent a quick shot. Upon catching the pass, the offensive player tries to beat the defender 1v1. If the offensive player scores, he/she stays out on the perimeter and may receive another pass at any time. If the defender gets a stop, the offensive player remains inactive until the drill is over. Drill ends when the defender has stopped all offensive players.

Key coaching points

-This drill works best with a dribble limit for the offensive players. 3 dribbles is a good place to start. Coaches may lower or raise the dribble limit depending on age and skill level. Coaches may also implement a shot clock if necessary.